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2018 rates


Opening of the reception: 8:30 at 12:00 - 14:30 at 18:00
  Low season
21/04 to 07/07
26/08 to 07/10
High season
08/07 to 25/08
PACKAGE/Night - "Berth rental" €uro €uro
Package for 1 or 2 persons, a car, caravan or tent
19,00 24,30
Forfait 1 ou 2 pers., 1 véhicule, 1 caravane ou tente.
Emplacement minimum 140 M2, bordure de rivière.
19,00 29,00
Electricity (6A) 5,00 5,00
Additional adult 6,20 6,20
Visitor 6,20 6,20
Child from 1 to 7 years old 4,20 4,20
Pets 2,70 2,70
Additional car 2,70 2,70
Additional tent 2,70 2,70
Child -1 year old Free

Stay's tax: 0,50 € per person and per day from 18 years old.

  • Services: fixed-price all the year.
  • Maximum 6 people on a berth.
  • Departure 11:00.
  • Les chiens et chats (sauf catégorie 1 et 2), ils doivent être vaccinés, silencieux, ne jamais être laissés en liberté ou enfermés en l'absence de leurs maîtres qui en sont civilement responsables.


Rental 4 to 6 persons - Including water and electricity - From Saturday to Saturday.
  Low season
21/04 to 01/06
25/08 to 06/10
Inter season
02/06 to 13/07
18/08 to 24/08
High season
14/07 to 17/08
RENTALS €uro €uro €uro
Chalet or Mobile home 5 persons
2 bedrooms
370 483 670
Mobile home 6 persons
2 bedrooms
444 557 742
Mobile home 3 bedrooms 510 640 820
Cabin lodge chalet 2018 5 persons 425 535 735
Package couple
(low and inter-season only)
293 03/06 to 08/07: 400 -

Stay's tax: 0,50 € per person and per day from 18 years old.

  • The dogs and cats are not allowed in the rentals.
  • Only gas-barbecue is authorized.
  • Extra car = 17,50 €/week.
  • Rentals from Saturday 16:00 to Saturday 10:00. Out season consult us.
  • Restitution of keys and pledges only from 8:00 to 10:00 after verification of cleaning and inventory done.
  • Chalets maximum 5 persons.
  • Mobile home maximum 6 persons.
  • Housecleaning for chalet or mobile home: 50,00 €.




Request for information

Attention: This form is not an application for reservation.

Your details

Your request


I - The tenant, the signer of the present contract, concluded for the period and it’s not possible to exceed the period of hiring contract.

In the arrival of the tenant, (chalet or Mobil-home) besides the rent, a pledge of an amount indicated to the present contract will be asked by the owner. The pledge will be restored the day of the departure after deduction of the possible expenses.

The tenant should respect the peaceful character of the hiring and use it according to the destination of places. He must return the hiring to his departure clean as he found it in his arrival. The hiring concluded between the parts in the present act can’t benefit even partially at the thirds, physical or moral persons, except agreement written by the owner. It’s forbidden to put clothes line on the trees.

If the number of persons exceed the capacity indicated in the contract and without preliminary agreement, the owner reserves the right to refuse the supplementary persons and break the contract. Supprimer “or to receive a rise”

An inventory will be made by the parts at the beginning and at the end of the period of hiring. If the hiring isn’t clean a supplement of 50 € will be deduce of your pledge.

When you have reserved, you have 10 days for send your deposit. The reservation will be actual when the owner receive the deposit (25% of the amount of hiring + 10€ for registration fees) and the contract with your signature. The balance of the rent must be paid 4 weeks before the date of your arrival. You will receive a confirmation letter who is valid your contract.

Any stay that is interrupted or cut short (late arrival, early departure) by you
shall not give rise to any reimbursement.
Any cancellation should be notified by the tenant, by registered letter or telegram to the owner. The deposit will restore when the hiring is rent again for the same period and at the same price. The deposit remain acquired to the owner who will ask the balance of the amount of the rent in case of not renunciation. If the tenant doesn’t show himself within 48 hours which follow the date of arrival indicated on the present contract : the present contract becomes no and the owner can (recuperate or get back or recover) his hiring.

The dogs of category 1 and 2 (pit bull, rotweiller, …) are not allowed in the campsite.
For the other, in your arrival, you will have to present the pad of inoculations of your pets. Dogs must be held in leash in the campsite.


Deposit account of 10 € for reservation and 25% for Administration costs when you send your contract of reservation. The balance of your stay has to be paid the day of your arrival.

Deposit account of 25% of the total amount of your stay and 10 € for Administration costs when you send your contract of reservation.
The balance of your stay must to be paid one month before your arrival.
At you arrival a 280 € (230 € for the rent and 50 € for the cleaning) in specie guarantee must be deposit at the camping office, it will be refunded if no damage has been done. If the place is in dirty condition the guarantee of 50 € is kept by the office for cleaning the lodging.

International money order or transfer of bank to bank ordered to "S.A.S. RIGO - Les Rives de l'Aygues - 26790 Tulette", all expenses of this transfer must be pay by you. Bank transfer and booking contract must be done with the same name. Send your bank paper with booking contract.

Transfert number:
S.A.S. RIGO - Les Rives de l'Aygues - 26790 Tulette
Bank : Crédit Agricole Sur Rhône Alpes - Domiciliation : Tulette (00147)
IBAN : FR76 1390 6001 4785 0414 8124 856